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    Duplicate a drill-down dimension

    James Kerrigan

      Hey guys,


      Do you know if there's anyway I can duplicate an already existing drill down dimension in any way at all, even if it's just by viewing all the expressions at once and copy and pasting it over to a new dimension


      I've created a drill down using many lenghty expressions, which end with viewing the data over Financial Year, but I want to remove this part of the drill down for my line chart.


      I'm able to copy and paste over each expression if there isn't a way, it just takes a little while that's all.

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          sushil kumar



          please explain your issue with screen shot or some example

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              James Kerrigan

              Sorry I probably didn't explain myself very well.


              I basically want to copy and paste a drill-down dimension as a new drill-down dimension (while removing just one expression). Maybe it's not possible to do it.

              The problem I have is that I have so many expressions in the drill-down (as a result of filtering/relationship issues which won't be solved until next week best case scenario) it'll take a while to copy and paste each expression across.


              I guess what I can do is open up the app in 2 windows and copy and paste it that way.

              qliksense 1.png




              I opened the app in a seperate window and copy&pasted everything over without the expression I wanted to leave out and now it works perfectly. I'll close this now.