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    how do i exclude a 0 value within set analysis



      My requirement is as below


      I have a date column, when I select a date, from that date I need to consider 52 weeks back and fetch the lowest price .I need to exclude the 0 and display the next lowest value.


      DT_KEY Price
      31/12/2014 671.65
      31/12/2013 200
      31/12/2013 0



      Here if I select the date as 31/12/2014 ,I need to take 52 weeks prior to that and fetch the lowest price.here the lowest price is 0 but I don't want to fetch 0 instead want to fetch the next lowest price i.e 200.


      Below I have the statement to fetch values for minimum value ,but the result is fetching as 0.




      Please help me to get the right expression to fetch minimum price excluding 0.