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    Extracting Date and Plan values matching latest Actual

      Hello all,


      I have a project progress table with 3 columns: (1) Month-Year Date [Date], (2) Plan Completion [Plan] and (3) Actual Completion [Actual].  Monthly dates and Plan Completion % are filled for the entire plan of the project that goes upto Dec 2016.  But Actual completion get filled only at the end of each month.  month([Date]) can be used as a filter. 


      So if no filter is selected, as an KPI, I need pull out the value of the latest [Actual] and show the matching [Date] and [Plan] values.  How do I do that?  And if a month is selected from the filter, I need the [Plan] and [Actual] for that DateHow do I modify my expression to do that?


      As an extension, the above assumes I have only 1 years data, so will work.  But what if I have 2 years data and I create a filter on Month and one on Year.  If I select only month, how can I get the data for the latest month for which Actual data is available?


      Can someone help with the syntax for a text box for Date, Plan and Actual for both situations?


      Thanks much,