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    Is it possible to use QDF in a Dev-Test-Prod environment ?

    Cotiso Hanganu

      Is it possible to define under QDF a Dev-Test-Prod environment ?


      I am thinking of something like:

      - the developer works in a local copy of the project

      - once he consider his work done, promotes the container to the TEST area

      - once testers approves the container, it moves to PROD

      (see also  http://blog.qqinfo.ro/2011/11/good-practices-when-deploying-qlikview.html )


      In particular, is QDF allowing a developer to move a project from the server to his local copy of QDF, work on it and move it back afterwards ? (Not just opening over the network a container that resides on the server)


      IMHO, some times the additional complexity is making sense:

      - big QVDs read and written over the network might create big delays in running the script, compared with local reloads

      - this can affect production server performance, at least at the network interface level

      - separation between development and production is a wise approach, in general, and the approach of opening containers  over the network in local development machine is not a complete separation. (I agree it is a  reasonably good one in quite a few cases)