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    Setup SQL (ODBC) User Directory Connector

    Imtiaz Ullah

      Hi all,


      I am trying to see if QS allows authentication from an "internal" sql database using my own security model.

      I came across a poor piece of documentation on how to try this but it's not very clear.


      I have successfully setup the connector however and it has pulled my users into the User section in QS.


      What I cannot understand though is how I can now use the account to login to QS from the front end?

      In addition there is nothing around the password authentication part - like do I even need to store this in the database?


      This part of the system is not clear at all and whilst using LDAP/AD is very well documented, the SQL approach is very poor.


      Or perhaps I am misunderstanding this particular functionality, and it's not even designed for this?