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    .qvw display basic toolbar when open in browser

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,

      I know that it is possible to right-click the .qvw file to get the QV toolbar (with basic buttons like bookmark, clear, etc) in the browser.  

      But may I know how to display the toolbar in the .qvw file at the top of the .qvw file be default in the browser?


      Recently, I noticed that the toolbar dose not exist  when the .qvw file is in our external server and open  in browser.

      But when the .qvw file in our internal test server, the toolbox just display at the top of the page in the browser. This is what I want.

      And I did not notice that before.


      As the .qvw file in both external server and internal server is exactly the same, I think maybe there are something different from the QMC setting, but have no idea where to check.


      Anyone have any clue?