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    Re: Login Access without Windows AD

    Imtiaz Ullah

      Hi Michael,


      I've recently become a QS customer and stumbled upon this thread.

      Due to our complex setup, we have some internally developed SQL databases which hold custom authentication based on our own user/password authentication.


      Is there a way (easily) that QS could hook into this for both authentication and authorisation purposes or would we need to write some custom modules to handle this?


      It would be great if QS could allow authentication to more than just Windows/AD - especially as not everyone uses AD authorisation everywhere.


      I understand that QS ultimately does not want to be responsible for authentication and leaves this to the third party, e.g, AD, but having such functionality would be really useful.


      The challenge I face is trying to continue using a SSO portal where we have already written our own authentication method and have  over 800 registered users


      I appreciate your thoughts and comments on this.