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    How do I create Qlik Sense mashups using .Net

      We recently purchased a Qlik Sense server and have a couple of apps on it. Now our customer wants us to create a website that has some of the sheets and objects from the sheet embedded in certain pages. I was planning on using .Net to create the mashups.

      1. How do I create the .net mash ups?

      2. What files do I need to include in my project?

      3. How does it handle authentication. My .Net app has a login page that does the authentication, and I have figured out how to implement the ticket solution for Qlik Sense and have a qlikticket returned from the QPS. But how do I use these qlik tickets to pass in my authentication for the mashup?

      I am sorry that my questions are basic as I am very new to Qlik.


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          there is a .Net SDK for Qlik Sense which you can use to interact with Qlik Sense. The .Net SDK can be used to develop a varaiaty of applications such as ASP.NET, WinForms and WPF.
          For more information see https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-us/developer under "Qlik Sense .NET SDK".
          The .Net SDK has a generic mashup called single that can be used with the WebBrowser control from the .Net SDK, see reference help on SingleUrl.


          Mashups are composed by html and JavaScript files that interact with Qlik Sense, you can find videos and examples on the community. You may also
          have a look at Mashups on the help site https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-us/developer under Qlik Sense Workbench.
          You can also develop the mashup with Visual Studio and copy the files to Qlik Sense thru the QRS Rest APIs.


          Best Regards
          Lars-Göran Book

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              Thanks for your reply!


              The solution I tried out right now is to use the single objects for the app and to embed them onto my .Net website using iframes. I tried this from my Qlik Sense desktop on my local host .Net website, and it works fine. I then replaced the single object URLs for my desktop app with the single objects from our Qlik Sense server for the iframe. I use qlik tickets for the authentication into Qlik. My website has a few different iframes on a few different pages. And I have 2 problems:


              1. On initial load, the first few pages load fine, but then I start getting "You have no access pass" errors. After a couple more refreshes it work fine. The error appears randomly throughout the session.
              2. Even though I am accessing different iframes, in the same session, my current selections are not carried over from page to page. It worked fine when I was pointing to the single objects from my Qlik Sense Desktop.

              Any ideas on what might be causing this issue?

              Thank You!!

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              This article (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/ee330736(v=vs.85).aspx#websocket_maxconn) will help you with the first problem.

              To share the selection see the code snippet below.


              var mySession = Session.WithApp(yourAppIdentifier, SessionType.Default);

              var uri = location.SongleUrl(yourAppIdentifier, "objectId", session:mySession);

              myWebBrowserCtrl.Navigate(uri, null, null, "");


              Best Regards

              Lars-Göran Book