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    How write data from a column in the variable?

    Vitalii Chupryna

      I have some data in column F2 and I want to write this value into variable.

      After this I plan use this variable in "if ...else" operator.

      Please see part of my script:



      LOAD F2 AS Department



      (biff, embedded labels, header is 2 lines, table is [Sheet1$]);





      LOAD Department Resident Temp;

      DROP Table Temp;



      LET vDep = WildMatch (Department, '1803007','2600831','2900637');



      If I'm not mistake, first I need load data from F2 and then use:

      WildMatch (Department, '1803007','2600831','2900637');

      But this function doesn't return value.

      For example, if in file I have '1803007' in F2 column, so WildMatch should return '1'.


      How load write from F2 into variable?