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    Multiple Dimensions with Multiple Measures?

      Hi, I'm new to QlikView. Can anyone advise me on grouping the following data so that it can be displayed in a line chart?


      I'm pulling in data from an SQL database with two dimension columns; PublishDate (the datetime that the data was published) and ForecastDate (the datetime that the data refers too). This is followed by various decimal columns.


      I can display one measure with two dimensions; the measure is grouped by PublishDate and plotted along ForecastDate as separate overlapping lines.

      Or multiple measures with one dimension (without using an aggregation); where the overlapping values of ForecastDate get chopped out. In the image below this is between the 21st and 23rd.


      Is there a way to allow a measure to have two distinct values plotted separately using the PublishDate to group the data? Or should I think about re-structuring the database or loading it differently?