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    Issue with the QvEssbase Connector

    Nenad Vukovic

      Hi - This MDX statement works fine when run from Excel SmartView add-on

      select {[SalesDollars], [SalesUnits]} on columns,

      non empty {CROSSJOIN({Descendants([PC_CEntity], 5, Leaves)}, CROSSJOIN({Descendants([PC_CCustomer], 4, Leaves)}, CROSSJOIN({Descendants([PC_CProduct], 3, Leaves)}, CROSSJOIN({Descendants([CYears], 1, Leaves)}, {Descendants([CPeriods], 3, Leaves)}))))} on rows


      where ([R_CEntity].[NoMember], [R_CDepartments].[NoMember], [R_CAcctGrp].[NoMember],

      [A_CEntity].[NoMember], [A_CDepartments].[NoMember], [A_CActivity].[NoMember],

      [P_CEntity].[NoMember], [P_CProcess].[NoMember], [P_CProduct].[NoMember],

      [C_CEntity].[NoMember], [C_CProcess].[NoMember], [C_CCustomer].[NoMember],



      But, when I run it from the QV script I get this:


      If I replace the ‘{…} on rows’ part with this {CROSSJOIN({Descendants([R_CEntity], 5, Leaves)}, {Descendants([CYears], 1, Leaves)})} on rows then  

      then it runs fine in QV also.


      Because it runs fine from Excel I assume that the cube definition does not affect this.


      What to look at?