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    How to create a % of parent field in a pivot table

      In Excel, I can right click on a pivot table > show values as > % of parent row total. Done. And it's flexible- I can add/remove/change parent fields, and I always know the subtotal % will be correct.


      In QlikView, I can't figure out how to replicate this functionality.


      Here's an related thread of what I'm trying to do: http://community.qlik.com/thread/106157


      However, that user was focused on a pivot table set up in a static manner. My users can change the dimensions in the pivot tables (they can actually pivot the pivot table), so dividing by "sum(Total <parent > child)" is not sufficient, since I don't have the luxury of being specific with my parent dimension parameter. It could be anything.


      Does anyone know how to reference the parent dimension so that I don't have to be specific in the <> part of my