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    Pulling from the same table twice

    Rayna Curtis

      My database has a reservation table, a client table, and an additional guest table.


      A Reservation has a main guest that's attached to the reservation (that guest is stored in the client table) and can have multiple additional guests, each of which is stored in an additional guest table which then joins back to the client table to get that additional guest's address info.



           Reservation --> Client


           Reservation --> Additional Guest Client Number --> Client


      I need to create a mailing list that once reservation selections are made, will show all Clients, be they main or additional.  I tried concatenating two instances of the client table in the script, but it gives me the same result as if I had just tried to join back to the table a second time..."One or More Ambiguous loops...etc".


      Is this even possible?  Or will I have to just have a mailing list for main guests and a separate one for additional guests?