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    Are sub applications handled outside the variable editor

    Phillip Putzback

      I have to assume yes since the example folders do not appear in the variable editor.

      So if I have my root application container as 2.QlikViewMonitoring, do I create my sub apps inside 2.QlikViewMonitoring\1.Application\ manually with windows explorer

      • 2.QlikViewMonitoring\1.Application\1.Governance
      • 2.QlikViewMonitoring\1.Application\2.SystemMonitor
      • 2.QlikViewMonitoring\1.Application\3.DataProfiler


      Or do I create the type in the full path in the variable editor as a new container Folder name = 2.QlikviewMonitoring\1.Application\3.DataProfiler and it magically creates the 3.DataProfiler folder inside of the 2.QlikViewMonitoring\1.Application folder?