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    Total the values on bar graph with two dimensions.



      I have created a bar graph with one dimension (Platform), and wrote a expression to count the number of  distinct servers.


      In my bar graph under 'Dimension Limit' I have selected 'show Total ' and it works fine with single dimension.


      Here are the results


      Platform                               count

      Windows 2003                        50
      Windows 2008                        100

      AIX                                         50

      Total                                       200


      Now I'm trying to do some thing similar but with two dimensions (Platform , Function)

      This should be the final result.


      Platform                               Function           Count

      Windows 2003                        Hardening             30

      Windows 2003                        Patching               20

      Windows 2008                        Hardening             70

      Windows 2008                        Patching               30

      AIX                                        Hardening             30

      AIX                                        Patching               20


      TOTAL Hardening                                               130 

      TOTAl Patching                                                  70


      So basically I want to create two TOTAL bars for the dimension function.

      When I select the 'show total' option under dimension limit for each dimension

      I dont get the desired results.


      has anyone of you came across a similar scenario, If yes how did you solved it.