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    Pivot Table - New Object in QlikSense 1.1.0

    Colin Albert

      Amongst other additions, QlikSense 1.1.0 includes a Pivot Table object as standard. 


      This makes upgrading to 1.1.0 worthwhile.


      For more details of all the changes in v1.1.0 see this post      http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2015/02/23/introducing-qlik-sense-11

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          bruno bertels

          I'am just trying it and it's great

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            Roland Vecera



            i'm not really convinced of the current 1.1 implementation.


            - No "Expand all"/"Collapse all" in the dimension's context menu

            - I can not select a single dimension value by clicking it (do I always have to use the "mini- listboxes" of the dimensions to filter?)

            - How should a business user sort the pivot table? Typing an expression in the "Sort"-dialog is not really handy. How to sort by y-value for an ordinary user?

            - dynamic heatmap-coloring. Even the free pivot table extension in QV1.0 had this..


            I must say I had higher expectations after waiting quite some months for this object..

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              Robert Hutchings

              I hope Qlik in future releases make the Qlik Sense straight and Pivot table more visually appealing.


              Because at present both can look poor in this respect at times. Not always but even in the You Tube demo it clearly shows what the problem is when only two metrics (Qty and Sales)  and one dimension is selected on a big screen.


              The metrics take up the full screen


              The solution would be to

              -Allow the setting of a maximum width for individual metrics (and dimensions too) for users that prefer this. This would often mean the table would not take up the whole screen but so what. Fill the table in with a blank section on the right hand side

              -Allowing wrapping of header text. (And / or say show the notes for the metric when the mouse hovers over it. Because some heading are not as straight forward as Sales or Qty)

              -Allow aligning for the columns



              Otherwise I think QS is a great product (and in ways prefer it to QV). It obviously needs features added to it (like drill around or some sort of ad hoc reporting feature for straight tables as sometimes users might want to look at an option of 10 or more different dimensions without having to use edit).

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                  Josh Good

                  Thank to everyone for your feedback.  We are glad you like the addition of pivot tables and appreciate you taking the time to suggest how to further improve them.  I have pass you feedback to our products team.




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                    Elif Tutuk



                    Thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on selections in pivot table, and other improvements are on the roadmap as well.

                    I would like to mention one thing about straight table and having the users change the columns in an ad-hoc manner. They can do that by using the column picker that Sense automatically makes available when there are more columns that can be visible.By using it, the user can change the columns without going to the edit mode. But We are also working on a feature that would enable the user to change the dimensions and measures on any visualization in the analysis mode.


                    Thanks a lot!

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                        Robert Hutchings

                        I mainly use straight tables now (with QV). Initially I started using pivot tables but moved to straight due to the click sort option


                        I also like being able to select dimensions (even if not side by side like QV) within the table with QS. This I notice is not possible with the QS Pivot table


                        But being able to scroll up and down as well as left and right is a big plus.


                        Hopefully this will be done with the straight table (scrolling left and right) in a future release. I know it goes against automatic screen sizing but this doesn't really work that well with straight and pivot tables (the column picker is OK at best).


                        Adhoc reports is great in QV. Its one option that I hope is added to QS in some way in the next release. Where the user can simple click a dimension to add or subtract from the straight table.


                        Straight and Pivot tables still need more thought and improvement in QS (in QV they are excelent). So am pleased that Qlik are working on this