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    12 month rolling does not work . Please Help!!!!

      Hello Everyone,

      I have an issue with trying to display line chart for 12 month rolling. Basically i need to display last 12 month of sales .

      For current month i need current month -1 ( we need last month as the Max) and 12 month back.


      1. I'm using line chart

      2. Measure is SalesDollars

      3. I have fields such as: Year_MonthText ( example: 2014-Jan ) , Year_Month ( example: 2014-01) , OrderYear , OrderMonth.

      Please help i tried searching for solution and tried every solution out there for some reason graph display one dot and with no sales. It just doesn't work.



      Here is what i tried.


      SUM({$<Year_MonthText = {">=$(=(Max(Year_MonthText)-11))<=$(=Max(Year_MonthText)-1)"} =>}SalesDollars)        ---did not work


      Sum({$<MonthYear = {“>=$(=Max(MonthYear) – 11)<=$(=Max(MonthYear)-1)”},OrderYear= ,OrderMonth = >} SalesDollars) ---did not work


      But if i use year field WHICH I DO NOT NEED for this project it Works


      Sum({<OrderYear= {'<=$(=Max(OrderYear)) >=$(=Max(OrderYear)-1) '}>} SalesDollars)   -- Works but i dont need to use year i need 12 month calculation .


      Please help !!! Thank you so much in advance