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    Pivot in Script?

    John mingus

      Is there a way to pivot in your script? I have the below:


                ID      Name                Group                Address

                 1      John                NewYork                100 Center Ave

                 1      John                New Jersey              100 Center Ave

                     2      Adam              New York                900 Center Ave

                 3      Tiffany           Main                          123 Center Ave


      What I would like to be able to do is Convert the Group Rows into Columns. I have about 40 of them and there will be more groups in the future and the name field could potentially be affliated to all groups.




      ID      Name           NewYork           New Jersey           Main           Address

      1           John                x                     x                                              100 Center Ave

      2           Adam                                    x                                                  9 00 Center Ave

      3           Tiffany                                                                  x                 123 Center Ave


      I was thinking about ApplyMap function but I do not know if that would be the best approach and not really sure of the syntax for ApplyMap. Help would be appreciated as I'm fairly new to Qlikview, Thanks


      [Final Table]:










      , other columns...