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    Changes to the selections tool

      Hi again,


      Here is another improvement suggestion from me.

      The Selection tool is a great tool in Qlik Sense. In Qlikview I always created fieldlists for quick selection or fieldlists inside containers inside other containers when you had alot of dimensions in one app. In Qlik Sense there is no room for fieldlists on the sheet, and they are tucked away nicely inside the selections tool. In my opinion, the current selections should not be there taking up space, they should have it's own shortcut with only the current selections as a seperate tool.

      My suggestion is to add some way to group and order the dimensions in the selection tool. Why not use the tag attribute that's already on the dimension. The group(tag) names could be at the top like a bookmarkfield, under that, where the current selections today are that's where the grouped dimensions should show up. The bottom section can show all fields and dimensions as it does today.

      There should be 2 groups that show up first if there are dimension tagged with "app" or a sheets name. App and Current Sheet, after that all other tags get their own group. The "app" tagged contains common dimensions used throughout the app and Current Sheet are dimension specific for the sheet. Current Sheet dimensions should be default group to be showing if their are any dimensions using that tag, othwerwise the App group should be used.


      App     KPI Dashboard     Products     Customers      Orders etc          -When using the tool on KPI Dashboard sheet

      App     Sales Analysis      Products     Customers      Orders etc          -When using the tool on Sales Analysis sheet


      And there should be a way to sort the dimensions inside a group just by dragging them. The groups inside the "bookmarkfield" should also be rearrangable.


      Date selections should use the calendar selections tool I proposed in another post.


      Grouping with tags should also be implemented in the assets library for fields and master items.