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    Need help with Section Access in Sense Server

      Hi All...


      I am struggling to implement Section Access in Qlik Sense Server. I've tried a couple of times but got locked out of the file both the times. This is the first time I am trying to implement Section Access in Sense, earlier i've done it once in QlikView and I was trying to use the same logic, maybe I am missing something.


      What I am trying to achieve is:

      We have Salesperson say Abc and when Mr. Abc will login to Sense he should only be able to see the Customers under him. SalesPerson and CustomerName are under the same table in the data model.


      The script I am trying is something like this(Since I am locked out again, i cant access the exact script)


      Section Access;

      Load * Inline


      Access, UserID




      Load * Inline





      Section Application;


      In the load editor, i have converted SalesPerson to Upper(). What i want is when Mr Abc logs in via UserID ADMINISTRATOR he should only be able to see the customers under him.


      I've read most of the blogs but unable to solve this. Any hints or guidance will be greatly appreciated.