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    Expressions loaded in inline table

      Hello everyone,


      I am creating a report where I am using the same sales expressions in many different tables.

      I am loading an inline table with those expressions written in it as following:


      What I don't know is how to actually proceed after that, in order to use those expressions in my pivots.


      I have tested them separately, for example if I write in my pivot the expression

      =SUM({$<MTD_Flag={1}>} Unit_Sales)

      it gives the correct results.


      What I want to do is retrieve the expression just by using the Pivot_Expr field name, so by switching between the Units and Net Sales or the different periods, I can automatically have the right results. Another reason for this is that those expressions are used in many places in my layout tables, so I would like to have them all in one place, for better future support.


      I have tried writing as an expression in my pivot the $(=Pivot_Expr) but it doesn't give any results.


      Could someone please help me with this?

      Thanks in advance for your time


      Best Regards,