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    Publisher Section Access Management Assistance

      Hi everyone.


      I've expanded to apply Section Accessuser security and have success with Inline in Hidden Script.  The company size will make this management disasterous.


      I'm trying to apply it through Publisher Section Access but I'm having trouble applying it and there is little to none resources to research like there is for the Inline style.


      I've set up a couple test users and an admin in the QMC.  I've applied the script to load the fields from the AuthTable in the test report.


      When I run it from another system it doesn't pick up the users in the table to allow them access and locks them out.


      I'm certain my script isn't true and just need input where I need to fix it.


      Thanks for your help.

      ps.  We have Publisher license.











      html, utf8, embedded labels, table is default);
      Section Application;

      LOAD * INLINE [
      OrderNo, ExtendedPrice, Amount
      10, 15000, 15000
      18, 210000, 210000
      32, 2000000, 2000000
      51, 100000, 100000