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    Lookup corresponding field value in UI

      Hi all


      I have a calendar table that contains each calendar date for a chosen period and it also includes lookup fields like Year, Month and a concatenation of Month and Year.




      The MonthYearSeq starts at 1 for the earliest month in the calendar, and increments by 1 for each subsequent month.  I use this field in variables and set analysis to find the previous month (MonthYearSeq-1) and the same month in the previous year (MonthYearSeq-12) to the MonthYear that the user has selected.


      I would like to use the 'previous month' and 'same month in the previous year' in table headings by specifying the corresponding MonthYear to the MonthYearSeq derived by the variables.


      Is there a lookup function or similar that can be used in the UI?


      Thanks in advance.