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    Date filter doesn't work

      I am having problem where when i enter the date from 11/01/2014 through 11/09/2014 in my input box, it only pulls data from 11/01/2014-11/08/2014....it doesn't pull data that dated 11/09/2014.


      What am i missing?


      In the Load statement, i have it set as:


      Date("CollectorAudit.DateActionCompleted",'MM/DD/YYYY h:mm:ss[.fff] TT') as "Action Completed",



      In my Chart properties for the date dimension i have it set as

      =Date(if([Action Completed]>ActionCompletedFrom and [Action Completed]<ActionCompletedTo,[Action Completed],""))


      in the Document Properties > Triggers > variable Event Trigger for date i have it set to

      ='>=' & ActionCompletedFrom &' 12:00:00 AM' & '<=' & ActionCompletedTo &' 11:59:59 PM'


      Any help will be greatly appreciated....Thanks!