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    Logical problem with QUALIFY

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a very strange thing here:

      There is one table that I load by concatenating two LOADs from Excel_files where the table is the same, only the sheet is different. In the second LOAD, I don't specify a table_name - normal, no?

      <=> Strangely, when I qualify all the fields (to prohibit any linking between the tables, I want to do that at the very end of all the concatenating and joining I need to do), then the two LOADs are not concatenated, but instead, the fields from the second LOAD appear in the same table, to the right of those from the first - as if they had been joined rather than concatenated - and qualified with the name of the sheet, not the name I have given to the table.

      When I just don't qualify that table, all is fine, they are concatenated all right.

      Can anyone think of a reason why that can happen?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,