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    how to view section access user table in a document?

    Syed Shah



      I have a Qlikview document but do not have the source database anymore. Is there anyway to view the section access user table of the file? Its a pretty old file but my user is part of the section access table and is admin. I would like to somehow view the section access user table of the file


      The problem is that If I put the old qlikview file on web, I can view it but If I reload the file (user table has changed a lot since then in the database), I can not view the same file on web anymore even though I can view it on Qlikview client. My user is still admin and loaded in section access and I can view the file if opened through qlikview client. I have access issues on web though. I have no problem with the old file though


      I would like to see the structure of the old section access usertable and the new one to see what has changed that does not allow me viewing the file on web