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    IntervalMatch Multiplying Records

    Aaron Morgan

      Hi all,


      I'm currently trying to use an IntervalMatch to join Start/End Timestamps to Event timestamps. The 'Session' table has the SessionID, UserName, DocumentName and SessionStart and SessionEnd timestamps.


      My task table has a number of distinct fields, but also contains the DocumentName and UserName, as well as the Event timestamp.


      I'm attempting to use an IntervalMatch table to simply return the start and end points of the session that each task belonged to, but due to having users/documents this has to be unique to each user on each document.


      I was using:


      IntervalMatch(Timestamp, UserName, DocumentName)
      Resident Sessions;


      Which works fine unless the User has multiple sessions, where it then loads a record of each event against every possible start/end for that user, regardless of the fact that the task didn't exist in that timeframe.


      The tables above are joining on User and DocumentName, is it the join(s) that's causing the issue? I've tried using a composite key but it caused the same errors.