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    How ignore empty sheet in xls files?

    Vitalii Chupryna

      Last sheet in files is empty, and when I run script i receive following error message:

      "Cannot locate table in BIFF file."

      Part of script:

      FOR j=0 TO NoOfRows('tables')-1

        LET SheetName = if(right(peek('TABLE_NAME',j,'tables'),14)='FilterDatabase',

          subfield(purgechar(purgechar(purgechar(subfield(peek('TABLE_NAME',j,'tables'),'$_',1), chr(39)),'$'),'_'), 'FilterDatabase', 1),

                          purgechar(purgechar(purgechar(peek('TABLE_NAME',j,'tables'), chr(39)),'$'),'_') );


      LOAD *




      next j;