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    Create a custom Qlikview page on Qlikview server to reload applications

    Nicolas Stefaniuk



      I am not fond of all the existing solutions allowing user reload through server:

      - I don't like to trigger a .exe or a .bat or a command line on user's side through my web application

      - I don't like to have a macro that launches a web service in http with clear credentials (so unsecured)

      - I don't like to grant admin access to users on Qlikview Management Console because I can't reduce their rights to just refresh 1 application

      - I don't know any other solution, for example an action in application that triggers an action server-side through Qlikview own protocol, using existing user authentication.


      So, according to the fact that there is no secure way to authorize an user's refresh, I would prefer to have a public, unsecurized, link which launch the refresh. So anyone could refresh the application... and so what? Where is the risk? A group of dangerous berserks link-hitters who chain-refresh the application? Far better than having credentials in clear in network.


      So does anyone knows how to develop my own page, without any security (maybe it could be possible to add security later), hosted and executed by Qlikview server or Qlikview Webserver, that will launch command on server side.


      A workaround could be creating a really simple application on an IIS on Qlikview server that do this part, but I would like to use the Qlikview server.


      Thanks a lot.