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    Filter Top 25 with multiple expression criteria?

      I have multiple expressions that I would like to filter the Top 25. The criteria is to find how many devices have errors associated with them.



      Expression 1 counts distinct devices


      Expression 2 counts number of distinct devices with errors


      Expression 3 is errors / devices (%)



      I have the customer names as the dimension.



      The issue with simply filtering by Expression 3 is that some of my customers only have 1 devices with 1 error, so their 100% error rate shows up in the Top 25. I'm more interested in addressing the errors on the customers with the top 25 devices (ie: I'd rather focus on a customer with 87% error rate but has 100 devices instead of a customer with 1 device and a 100% error rate). It doesn't have to be 'Top 25' exactly, it can be a set number (ie: ranking of all customers with 40+ devices by error %), but I somehow need to incorporate both of these into the equation.



      Based on information from looking this issue up on the site, I attempted to create a calculated dimension of =if(Aggr(rank(count(distinct(devices with errors)/count(distinct(total devices), devices <=25, devices, null()) but that hasn't worked.



      My data is currently in a Pivot Table / Chart format. QV 11.



      Any suggestions?