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    Dates not in order

      I can not seem to get my dates to be read as dates.


      Table1 (Fact Table)

      date(StartExecutionDate, 'M/D/YYY') as StartExecutionDate


      Table2 (this is an excel document calendar that was loaded in)

      date(DATE, 'M/D/YYYY') AS StartExecutionDate


      Note: Both tables have more fields, but these are the only relevant fields




      I keep having Jan 26 start the graph and Jan 20th end the graph.

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          Masaki Hamano



          Please check the following two items:


          1. On the sorting tab of the object property, please make sure that the Date dimension is listed on the top, so that the data is sorted by Date.


          2. There are two Date functions in QlikView/Qlik Sense: Date() and Date#(). The difference between the two functions are detailed in the following post:


          The Date Function


          Please make sure that you are using the right one. If the input Date value is the text value, you should use Date#() instead.