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    New to Hierarchies

      I have a table that has 4 levels of hierarchy.  I’ve been reading some of the posts re: hierarchies but think I’m missing something.  Where do I get NodeID and ParentID, as shown in the Hierarchy load statement?  Do I have to create those, or do I just use the field names?  If I have to create them, how do I do that?


      The fields in my table I want in the hierarchy are “Division Manager”, “Region Manager”, “Team Manager”, “Rep Name”. 


      Here’s what I’m trying to do.  I want a list box with a tree view.  When any level (besides the lowest) is selected, I want a corresponding table’s dimension to be the children of that selection.  So if “Division Manager” is selected, the chart will display all the “Region Managers” for that selection.  If “Region Manager” is selected, then all the “Team Managers” will be displayed.  If No selection is made, the top level, “Division Manager” will be displayed.


      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!   Dan