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    How to Relaod and Schedule Qvds and Qvws in Qlikview Server Automatically


      Hi All,


      I am trying to automate the load process and would anyone please help me with the following scenario?


      I have two QVWs


      1. Create.qvw and 2. Main.qvw


      The CreateQVDs.qvw created 9 qvds .


      The "MainApp.qvw" is the main application which is reads the QVDs and does tons of calculations.


      This process takes approximately 1 hr on my workstation.


      Now the process is completely manual and I have to maintain these files.


      What I would like to do is


      1.Kick off the load process for Create.qvw at 12:15 AM Automatically - server schedulling


      2 Kick off the load process for Main.qvw at 1:15 AM Automatically - Start the load process for Main.qvw Automatically


      If anyone has a better idea please post that.


      Thanks in advance,