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    Scheduling service restart

    Alberto Gugel

      Hi there, we have been asked by a client to schedule a QlikView Server service restart on a weekly basis.

      The solution we are about to advise is to set up a batch and schedule it through the Task Scheduler Windows functionality.


      Is this a good idea?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Peter Cammaert

          Yes it is.


          The order in which you stop/start the services is unimportant.

          Make sure your customer picks a moment when there are no AccessPoint visitors and no scheduled Publisher reloads.


          For more information, see here: QlikTip #29: Restarting/Stopping/Starting services in QlikView 10

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            andy whitfield

            That should work fine. Just create 2 .bat files, one to stop the services:




            NET STOP QlikviewDirectoryServiceConnector
            NET STOP QlikViewDistributionService
            NET STOP QlikviewManagementService
            NET STOP QlikviewServer
            NET STOP QlikviewWebserver


            Then another to restart them:




            REM Starting Qlik Services

            NET START QlikviewDirectoryServiceConnector
            NET START QlikViewDistributionService
            NET START QlikviewManagementService
            NET START QlikviewServer
            NET START QlikviewWebserver


            And then schedule the running of the 2 bat files.

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              Peter Turner

              Another option if you didn't want to actually restart the services, but rather to clear the cache of the QVS and reduce the memory amount used at the time, would be to set the ClearCacheTimesPerDay=1 in the settings.ini file, you'd add this under the [Settings 7] section, located in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer (on my server)


              This would clear any cache built up by the QVS service once a day, setting this to 2 would be twice a day and 3 for three times, the clear would be done at equal intervals during the day.

              However the cache is built for a reason and the server should be configured and sized to allow your document and server loading, clearing the cache would slow things down a little as the QVS would then have to re-calculate values and slowly build the cache back up, but it would of cause depend on your customers specific setup etc.

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                Alberto Gugel

                I have successfully used the following bat file.


                Thanks to all contributors !