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    Assign score based on count function

    Timon Pool

      Hi guys,


      Need your help on something. I created a metric which should assign a score to customer or a piece of equipment depending on the number of notifications are created for the piece of equipment (an equipment is assigned to a customer). The scoring should be as follows:


      • From 0 to 10 notifications, the equipment should be assigned a score '10'
      • From 10 to 20 notificaitons, the equipment should be assigned a score '9'
      • and so on...


      As we know,we cannot do a count function in the script, so I have to execute this function in the 'front end' but then I cannot find a way to link the matching score to a number of notifications. I tried the following but this didn't quite work:


      Score: =If(count(distinct(NotificationNr)) <= 10, 10, if( etc.))


      The above function did not work because if there are more than 10 notifications the scoring is not assigned correctly anymore.


      Does anyone have suggestions?


      Thanks in advance