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    Qlik Sense Server , reload task failed

    Jim Chan

      Hi guys, is me again.


      this time, i have tried on the reload task, however as u can see from my screenshot below, the reload task status of an app is FAILED.


      I have been trying plenty of time, and is still FAILED. i selected Action - Triggered Once for testing purposes. Once i have applied, the Status will shown "Never Started", and i am not sure should i get it Started now/ or just leave it. When it comes to the time should be triggered, i clicked on the Refresh Button, it stated - Started, then i refreshed again, it showed - FAILED.


      I thought it could be the app folder permission, so i granted full permission to the userid i used to create sense, and access to qmc. But, it is still FAILED.


      So, guys, advice me, what is the proper steps a create a successful reload task.

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          Alexander Korsikov

          hmm. It is strange that you have performed one task. In Sense default server 2 reload engine. That is, two tasks must be executed simultaneously, while the other queue.

          More information is why the task is not performed can be found here fc:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\Script\

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              Jim Chan

              Hello Alex, thanks for your reply, you did give me a clue, which was to go the script file to investigate. yeah, found out that that it couldnt find my data file(cannot find the path), soon i have fixed it, then it work as per expected, it reloaded.


              by the way, it was quite frustrating by changing the pathname most of the time, do you know what script should i write so that, whenever i place the file, qliksense is still able to find it, and pick it up, and let it run.


              something to do with relative path.. is it?

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                  Hi Fuan

                  In any way Qlik Sense is unable to get file path from developers brain. File path should be determined in Load script of your App. In order to determine this path you can use the following instruments:


                  - using lib: you can create LIB withing dataconnection panel (right panel in load script editor) and set path to directories on your QlikSence Server/Desktop where source files are placed. In order to use those files in your load script you should use the following syntax:

                  lib connect to "Temp (rbcgrp_rodionov)";



                      <Fields list>

                  FROM [lib://<Name of your dataconnection>/<FileName>]

                  (txt, codepage is 1251, no labels, delimiter is ';', msq);


                  This script can be generated by the wizard.


                  - using old-style file path: In oder to use this method you will need to disable Standard mode on Advanced settings of your QlikSence Engine (see the following help page (http://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/QMC_Resources_QES_EditingQES.htm expand "Advanced"  spoiler.)

                  In this mode you will be able to use relative paths and directory statement as it was in QlikView. For example

                  Directory C:\temp;


                      <Filed list>

                  from [./Files/<Filename>]

                  (txt, codepage is 1251, no labels, delimiter is ';', msq);

                  In the above example we determine current directory to C:\temp (if no value supplied Qlik Sense will look in the Qlik Sense working directory). In Load statement we will load data from subdirectory "Files".