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    For each..next -loop and out of memory

    Harri Väyrynen


      I have 2 databases with identical table with many columns. Then it would be nice to read these 2 tables with for each..next-loop,

      because just the connect string is different. Tables have about 14 million rows in both database.

      Version is 32-bit 9.00 SP4. (I can't use 64-bit version, no ODBC for 64 bit in this environment)


      If I read these tables with "for each..next" -loop. I get out of memory error when just about 9 million rows are readed from the first db.

      If I read these tables without loop (I just copy/pasted load statement and edited connect string) then I can read all the rows without any problems. 14 million + 14 million.

      Have you also had weird memory hog problems with "for each..next" -loop. Any solutions?

      It would be nice to use loop with identical loading phases. but now I can't use it with large tables.


      Thank you for your time,