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      I have been requested to install the QlikView desktop client on a server that already has QlikView Server and nPrinting Server on it. Is there any conflict I should be aware off? The client states it is for development purposes; is this correct?


      Thank you all kindly in advance for your responses.

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          Bill Markham

          It should work with no conflicts, but beware doing too much on a single server.

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            Renato Scaramal

            There will be no conflicts, I have some costumers that have a server with this 3 programs installed too.

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              Jonathan Poole

              Nprinting actually requires a local qlikview desktop client to be installed on the same machine. Think of it as a driver for nprinting to access the infromation stored in the qlikview applications.


              The QlikView Server can reside on the same or different server than NPRINTING server.


              Either is totally normal.


              Should you separate them ?


              The type of load you get from NPRINTING often starts out as 'batch' (like publisher) where overnight a batch of reports is run and emailed. But  if the users are using the ondemand features of nprinting the NPRINTING server will get load at any time of the day as users kick of paranmeterized reports whenever you want.  Anyways just mentioning this so you get an idea of workload and when/where to start separating the components for load balancing etc...