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    Security and SAP Connector

      Dear all,


      We are thinking on using the SAP connector to access to our SAP BW data, how does the security works? Qlik uses the SAP Security or we have to redefine the security on Qlik side?



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          Jonathan Poole

          Qlik uses an administrative account to connect to SAP and run the extracts (SQL , BAPI ,Queries etc...)


          Then in QLIK you can secured the data model with SECTION ACCESS which is equivalent of creating a data filter and data column table with a userid/group field and a data key that will join the table to your qlik model.  This gives you row and column security in the data model.


          The reason why qlik does this because the script is giving you ETL capabilities and the ability to integrate multiple SAP data sets or multiple SAP and non-SAP data sets together that don't exist anywhere else and need a novel or adjusted security layer.


          The section access table can be pulled from any authorization table from any source including SAP. So if you have an auth table in SAP , you can pull the table into QLIK , tranform to a qlik style table and that would be updated every time the dashboard reloads keeping the data and security synchronized.

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            Mukesh Chaudhari

            Hi David,

              To extract data from SAP BW you need to install SAP Connector,

            & used OLAP connector for Cube extraction, for extracting Function module use SAP BAPI etc.

            We need to redefine security at Qlik side using Section Access



            Mukesh Chaudhari