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    Sense Data load : Troubles when concatening QVC

    Michael Laenen

      Hi All,


      I've experienced troubles with new QVC format. I've load old QVD's from qlikview directly in Sense and I didn't notice any issue (12 qvd's around 400 Mb/15M records each, ) everything works fine. (16Gb RAM laptop, Win8.1)


      Then I re-stored the QVD in Sense to convert in then new QVC.  When I load one qvc only I observe performance gains in reload time ( (about twice faster) but when I tried  to load *.qvc, Qlik Sense seems to struggle, reload time are much more slower from the second QVD loaded and finally get completely stuck after trying to concatenate the  third QVD (RAM seems to reach limits , RAM usage curve is really unexpected.


      I can provide QVDq and/or QVF if it can help. (Same behaviour in Sense 1.1)


      By the way, which gains are expected with this new QVC format?