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    AJAX client once again - settings of objects not applied

    Friedrich Hofmann



      [sorry, I have actually already posted this, but it is at the end of a rather longish thread, with a few posts by myself in front which makes the whole thing a bit difficult]


      I have quite a simple problem:

      => For one new app I have developed, there are two hourglasses (text_boxes with a jpg as background) and a number of "balls"

           inside (text_boxes that I have set to be circular via the "rounded corners" functionality in the dialog (radius relative, set to 100%)

      <=> This setting is seemingly ignored by the AJAX client: The users of our apps all view them via the browser (IE) currently and it

             doesn't seem to work: In the Browser, all the text_boxes were squares again.


      Is there some setting that has to be adjusted so that changes of that kind are reflected in AJAX?

      Otherwise, we might have to revisit the installation of the client on that machine, which will be problematic because it is rather old and I'm not sure that QlikView would be very performant there - it might be possible for just this one app if I keep it small, but then they'd have two methods to view QlikView_apps and I foresee some measure of confusion there ...


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,




      P.S.: They have IE 8 - maybe a newer version would do this?


      P.P.S.: Nope - I have IE9 here and it's the same - in the AccessPoint I see the apps with the round text_boxes - but once I actually open it, they are square.

      Their machine has 3 Ghz and barely 1 GB of RAM. That seems quite critical for installing the QlikView_client. Can any of you tell me any particulars about that?


      P.P.S.: Can you tell me which version of the client that machine is most likely to support? It doesn't have to be the most current one - any version that will support those enhanced object_settings will do I guess. There is, after all, no question of editing the app on that machine, but only displaying it.