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    task reload error



      During a reload last night, I encountered this error on two customers file reload. However, I am not sure what this error means and how to avoid this in future. The task went successful on next reload though


      4.3.2015 20:36:07.8135354    Information    Start saving document
      4.3.2015 20:36:19.8879354    Error    Exception in save source file: IO operation will not work. Most likely the file will become too long or the handle was not opened to support synchronous IO operations.
      4.3.2015 20:36:19.8879354    Error    File is not ok. Target file was not saved.
      4.3.2015 20:36:19.9035354    Information    Closing the document.
      4.3.2015 20:36:20.6211354    Information    Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=4844