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    ReloadTime() and now(0) not Working

      I've been attempting to use the functions ReloadTIme() or now(0) which as far as I can tell are identical, to output the last successful reload time for exception reporting purposes, e.g. to warn users when the data is behind.


      In my main qvws, neither function is working. Reloadtime() outputs nothing, while now(0) outputs 'day zero' (30/12/1899). I assume the only difference in outputs it due to their default formatting options.




      However, I most certainly have reloaded these files many times. In other existing documents, and in new test documents on the same system (Windows Server 2012 Standard) the functions work just fine:




      Testing on a newly created which has never been reloaded or saved, I still get a result for now(0) which equals its creation time, though ReloadTime() is blank:



      I guessed reload method could have something to do with it, as the two main documents that don't work (first screenshot above) are running on scheduled reloads. However, testing on other scheduled documents works fine and reload times are correct.


      Any ideas? My other thought is that is could be because both documents' scheduled reload happened to fail today (which is why I was looking to add the checks), but if the method doesn't work when the documents fail then it completely defeats the purpose.