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    Qlik Sense not releasing memory after exiting

    Andy Thompson

      I have an evaluation copy of the Qlik Sense Hub.


      The issue is when Qlik Sense is active and has loaded data the "Engine.exe" retains the memory even after closing the Hub.


      I fully expected that the memory would be released.  Further it does not allow me to log off the Hub -- you have to close the "application" to exit the Hub.


      Has anyone else experienced this memory retention after exiting?  Any idea how to resolve it?

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          Josh Good

          Hi Any,


          Just for clarity, I'm assuming we are talking about a Qlik Sense server environment (not Qlik Sense Destkop).  I wouldn't expect Qlik Sense to release the memory when a user logs off.  It is designed to be on dedicated hardware so it is trying to optimize the experience for the users.  So when you log out it keeps the applications in memory until it needs the memory for something else.  That way if someone else comes along to use the same app then it is already loaded into the engine.  If someone else come in and opens a different app (and Qlik Sense needs the memory) it will drop the unused app out of memory.  I would expect a Qlik Sense environment to regularly run with much of the memory in use.




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            serhan celebi



            - Memory is not released if you close Hub, since Hub is just a client entry-point. Normal behaviour. Think about other clients coming to be served at the same time. It is keeping the memory to serve to other clients. You are just one client.


            You have to stop Engine service if you want to release memory. 


            - Logging off the Hub issue was explained as intended behaviour to me during Beta tests. Although I'm not convinced either.