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    Custom Small Multiples -  Project Tycho Demo as an Example

      I'd like to implement small multiples that repeat more than one object in each group. From what I understand, the Trellis option for charts only allows a single chart to be repeated.


      A great example of what I'm looking for is a recent demo on the Qlik site - Epidemiology - the Project Tycho - Multiples Sheet.


      Unfortunately, there is no QVW download link.


      It looks like each group has several text objects, along with a chart.


      Anyone have any insight on how this can be done?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          I'm afraid this was done manually using lots and lots of individual text boxes. Otherwise it's not possible to get that kind of different formatting of the text and number values together like in the demo.

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            I was hoping that wasn't the case, but the one thing that had given me hope that this was done, at least programmatically, is the filtering (showing/hiding?) and reordering (re-layout?) of the objects, as a group, when items are selected in the "Disease" listbox.


            I looked at the object names to see if there was a pattern but don't see any. That would have helped explain to me how an action could determine what items to take the appropriate actions and help with looping through object names.


            Do you have any insight as to whether those actions were created manually also, and had to make a reference to each object individually? Or do you have any ideas of ways that could be done less manually?


            The only other theoretical solution (still new to QlikView, so don't know if this is possible) I could think of was that those objects were created at runtime, and a reference to those objects was kept in memory, so that it could apply actions to the pertinent objects when listbox items are selected.