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    graph in qlikview?

      HEY everyone!


      I have 3 columns

      in the antivirus_daysOld_update there are number of days that the laptop with the 00215F (for example)Netbios_name hasnt been updated

      I want to have a graph (Camembert) when I can see the number of laptops that arent been updated more than 200 days old) and the one which the antivirus_daysOld_update is less than 200



      Netbios_name                 serial_number                      antivirus_daysOld_update

      002125F                         41F598666                                            512                  

      g459665                          5463S556                                             50




      The second question: I want to have in the graph VERSIONS OS the percentage instead of the number on laptop that has OS7 or OS XP.

      P.S sorry I have a bad English