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    Churn users using set analysis


      I am trying to calculate the churn user of a given date using set analysis. The definition of churn user here being, user who were active during x-8 to x-14 date range, but not active durinf x to x-7 date range. x being the date is question. I have build the following expression which seems to give correct result if i use it in a text box. But this doesnt work in a chart with 'date' as dimension. This is because the max(date) get computed in global level and does not consider the 'date' dimension. Does anyone know how to overcome this?


      =count( {$<user = P({$<date={">=$(=date(max(date)-14))"}>} user) - P({$<date={">=$(=date(max(date)-7))"}>} user)>}  distinct user)