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    SQL Warning causes Error in load script

    Damian Eralio

      I have a simple SQL load from a view

      SELECT *

      FROM view_name


      When I run the select statement in SSMS I get results. Along with a warning message:

      "Warning: The join order has been enforced because a local join hint is used."

      Qlikview sees this warning and fails the load script.

      Some googling reveals that this warning has something to do with the underlying data in the view query. More info here: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic1646163-391-1.aspx

      The type of warning seems irrelevant to me. What is frustrating is that Qlikview is handling this in such a way that it will not bring any data in, just the warning:



      Does anyone have suggestions on how to overlook the warning? (Other than figuring out how to re-write the underlying view to avoid the warning.)