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    Deploy Application to different machine

    Muthu Kumar



      Is it possible I can deploy application using publisher from one machine to other??

      If yes please tell me how??



      Thanks in Advance.



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          Peter Cammaert

          If you have a publisher, distribution to another machine is pretty easy.


          In the Reload/Reduce/Distribute/Whatever task of your document-to-distribute-to-another-machine, open the Distribute tab. There are two options available to you:


          1. Distribute to QlikView Server: press the green +-icon to the right to add another distribution destination, select the server, the mount point and the users you want to distribute to, and press apply.
          2. Distribute to Folder (at the bottom): If there isn't a QVS available on the remote machine, you can still distribute directly to a (single) share. Enter the UNC path of the share on the remote machine, or click the browse... icon to the right of the input field. Note that this method drops the qvw document in the remote folder without any further ceremony...