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    Extension objects

    Petter Grundström

      I am learning how to create QlikView extension objects using javascript and I am looking in the JsDoc Reference (JsDoc Reference - Qv)

      From what I can see, the global object is called "Qv" but in some places "Qva" is used, for example in the example for how to use the AddExtension function:


      Qv.AddExtension("MyCompanyName\MyExtensionName", paint);

      Qva.LoadCSS(Qva.Remote + (Qva.Remote.indexOf('?') >= 0 ? '&' : '?') + 'public=only' + '&name=' + "Extensions/MyCompanyName/MyExtensionName/MyStyles.css");


      What is the difference between these objects, and where can I find the documentation about it?


      Best regards

      Petter Grundström